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A Community an hour south of Chicago, and a few miles east of Kankakee on the Illinois-Indiana border, you’ll find a small town where some people don’t have electricity or running water where schools and stores have closed. By the official numbers, Hopkins Park’s 3,000 residents are among the poorest in the region, but the problem may be worse. The mayor believes as many as 2,000 people were uncounted, living far off the paths that census workers trod.

Residents do feel pride in their land, along with frustration over a history of politicians offering solutions. There are few jobs, no natural gas line and a dilapidated village hall has become a symbol of uncertainty.


Roseland Christian Ministries

At Roseland Christian Ministries, we see church as more than a congregation or a community—we see it as a calling. We feel deeply the greatest commandment to love God, and to act on that love of God by loving our neighbor. Every member of the Roseland community is our neighbor, and we love them.

How do we do that? One person at a time. By providing places and programs that care for their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, and giving them the support they need to face their challenges while learning from one another and growing together.

Calvary Church is continuing to support RCM through cooking Sunday morning breakfast before Church Services, providing food for their daily lunches and donating to their food pantry. We have been suppling items for their women and children shelter for displaced families.

Our contact forRoseland Christian Ministries is Julie Sather: juliesather2@gmail.com



As a Christian organization, My Joyful Heart endeavors to be a positive influence to children in need by re- membering them with basic life essentials, school supplies, clothing, toys, and encouragement throughout each year until their situation improves or they move from the area.

Calvary is helping My Joyful heart with many Christmas gifts for children that would not normally receive any- thing at this time of year. There are many other opportunities available to team up and help out at My Joyful Heart.