What’s a Connect Group?

Connect Groups are the foundation of our community at Calvary. It is a small group designed to meet with other Christians, build friendships, practice accountability and mature as an apprentice of Jesus. Connect Groups can be as small as 4 and as large as 12. Connect Groups are sermon-based groups. These groups officially launch 3-4 times a year, meet for 8-12 weeks and then take a break until the next launch. Some groups continue meeting weekly, while others take the break.


Current Connect Group series: Upside Down Kingdom

(March – April 2020)

There are kingdoms everywhere. A kingdom is the reach of a person or nation to do what an individual or group wants. Our desires drive us and we are willing to do just about anything to get what we want. It is the clash of kingdoms that cause evil and pain.

When Jesus came, he embodied, spoke about and demonstrated another kind of kingdom. He is the king of the Upside Down Kingdom. Join us as we study the book of Luke and the Kingdom of God.



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