Dear Calvary,

When we heard that Tiffany Johnston was taking a new position, we knew that the next person we hired for KidsLife would be extremely important. We deeply desired for the next person to keep building upon what has been done. We don’t want to lose anything we have gained!

With that in mind, we created a wish list of the perfect candidate. We knew most likely that it would take months and would be a national search to find the next director. But early in the process, we all felt God’s hand on an internal candidate. After several interviews with numerous teams and prayer, we are confident God has provided the perfect person for the next chapter of KidsLife ministry.

We would like to introduce Amy Lewandowski as our new KidsLife Director. Amy has nearly 20 years of teaching experience. She has led several professional teams, has interacted regularly with parents, has extensive and broad professional experience, and she has been a gospel light in her vocation as a teacher. Amy also received her Masters in Leadership and was moving towards being a principal in her school district.

What we loved about Amy apart from her high qualifications was a clear articulation of her calling and love of Jesus. She brings everything we desired for our next Director. She also is a serious disciple . She is leaving a professional career in which she excelled because God has called her to this new challenge. She and her husband have been part of Calvary as members for the last three years, volunteer regularly and have four kids in the KidsLife ministry. It seems that God has prepared a beautiful way forward.

Amy is on the job and getting ready for the fall launch of KidsLife. She has a lot in her plate but wants to meet as many people as possible! You can contact her at . Let’s go out of our way to bless her, stand with her and encourage her as she takes this position.

Praise God for his providence!

The Search Team—Pastor Ron Citlau, Ken Cook, & Corinne Ufferman

The Parent/Leadership Team—Sandy Mars, Ken & Candice Jager, Brigid Luke, Mike & Dawn Smit, & Kirk & Jean Cavanguah

The Consistory