What’s a Connect Group?

Connect Groups are the foundation of our community at Calvary. It is a small group designed to meet with other Christians, build friendships, practice accountability and mature as an apprentice of Jesus. Connect Groups can be as small as 4 and as large as 12. Connect Groups are sermon-based groups. These groups typically meet from September through May. Some groups choose to meet throughout the summer.


What can I expect from a group?

Are you interested in finding authentic connection and community with people from Calvary? Connect Groups offer you the chance to do this! We gather weekly to reflect on the Sunday message, pray together, and share life with one another as we seek to live out Acts 2:42.


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Week 1, January 5: Why should I come and see? Isn’t Christianity irrelevant?

There are lots of reasons to think that Christianity is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Recent research shows that young adults see Christians as racist, sexist, repressive, backwards, anti-science, naively confident and hypocritical.

Yet globally, Christianity isn’t shrinking but growing. Perhaps the reason is that at the core of Christianity is a living person that changes people, families, nations and even the course of human history. It is not hyperbole to say: Jesus is the most important and influential person who has ever lived. We invite you to come and see.


Week 2, January 12: Are Christians narrow minded?

Jesus is quite clear that he claims to be the Son of God. Either he is right or he is wrong. The answer to this question has profound implications. He is either the person to follow because he is lord or he is one of the biggest religious imposters of human history.


Week 3, January 19: Are Christians racist?

4 out of 5 churches are over 80% mono-racial. Historically, many evangelical churches were on the “wrong” side of the civil rights movement, and many feel that is still Christianity today. Jesus confronted racism in his community and showed how someone who is “other” can be the best neighbor.


Week 4, January 26: Are Christians anti-science?

Science has done undeniable good for humanity. It has increased the quality of living, age expectancy and has eased the not-to-distant horrors of human life. It has enabled us to peer into the heavens; and science has empowered us to see the smallest particles in our universe. It is believed that science is on a trajectory to unravel every mystery facing humanity. It has also given theories to how this universe begun. For most modern people, science is our best bet to understand reality.

In response, many Christians seem to hide from science (while enjoying its gifts) and cling with “blind faith”.

Is this the best way to understand Jesus and the religion he started?


Week 5, February 2: Are Christians prudish?

The church seems out of date and repressive when it talks about sex. It comes across as bigots to the lgbtq community and completely puritanical in its sexual rules. Why is Jesus teaching on sex good news?


Week 6, February 9: Are Christians smug?

Doubt is common to the human condition but sometimes Christians can act as if they have none. The result is that serious inquires end up feeling like there is no place for them with Jesus or his people.

We desire to be a church where people can really work through their questions and their doubts. Leaving space for people to journey in their faith without being condemned for lacking certainty. Instead, we want to paint a real, compelling and winsome picture of the real Jesus to inspire and empower every person to follow.