Submit a fun, high energy dance video!


Step 1: Record yourself dancing to the song “Church Clap” by KB and Lecrae

This is a fun, energetic track, so show us some creativity! Channel your favorite school dance or TikTok moves!

Listen to “Church Clap” on YouTube

Watch a dance tutorial for “Church Clap” on YouTube



Step 2: Upload your video file here!

Clips will be uploaded to a OneDrive folder, only accessible to our web editor and video editor. We’ll piece together a video from the clips you submit!

Click HERE to upload your 15 – 30 second clips



Step 3: Watch the Sunday livestream with your mom!

Join us on our worship livestream on Sunday, May 10 at 10 AM to see your video clip as part of the Mother’s Day video special!

Thank you so much for participating! We think the moms are going to love this!

Submit a video "thank you" to your mom!


Step 1: Create a  “Thank you!” sign and video your mom!

Dads, help your kids create a poster or sign that thanks their mom. Examples would: “My mom is so caring!”, “My mom loves me!”, or “I thank Jesus for my mom!”

After creating this banner, record a brief video (5-10 seconds long) with the kids holding up this sign


Step 3: Watch the Calvary Church worship livestream with your mom at 10 AM this Mother’s Day to see your “thank you” video!