Week 12 Spring Training

After a few weeks of guest speakers (Jason Perry, Ron Citlau, Trinity Special Education Department), we were gathered together in more of a normal rhythm. Watch the video to learn about announcements, a recap, and what’s going on in the Oak Lawn community!

Week 10 Training Recap

Week 10 was a Q & A with Pastor Ron Citlau where we discussed some details behind the new ministries and partnerships coming to Calvary Oak Lawn. We particularly spent time discussing music and children’s ministry as well as the overall vision for the church. Please watch to see a recap by Pastor Daniel as well as some of the actual Q & A from our meeting.

Week 8 Training Recap

Thanks for checking in again here in week 8! This week we spent a large amount of time praying through the Lord’s Prayer in small groups of 3-4. This allowed us to think through the different pieces of the prayer and how they each showed a different attribute of our Father and his work in our lives. We also spent time learning about a new “missional bingo” that we will all be working hard on in the coming weeks with small groups. You can see a picture of the bingo board here. If you weren’t at our Wednesday meeting, we would love for you to make a group of your own and try to get “bingo” on the board. Please also take a look at our announcements and news from this past week. 

Week 7 Training Recap

This week at training we spent time reorganizing the prayer maps and praying in small groups for those on the maps around us. Our goal is to make sure that everyone in our community is being prayed for by someone else We want to be people who live in prayer. We spent time learning about different evangelism styles as well as future events we can use to connect with the community around us. We heard stories of transformation and looking forward to the next week, prayed for neighbors, friends, and coworkers as a collective group.

Please take a look at what we talked about here.

Week 6 Training Recap

Last week we spent time in confession, looking back to the past week. We also spent time discussing the definition of discipleship and how to ensure we are both being discipled and discipling others. We also looked at different options for a future potluck and ways to continue building relationships with our neighbors and those in the community.

Please look through what we discussed together.

Also take a look at the Confession Guide and Renewal Guide we used to guide our discussion/time.


Week 5 Training Recap


Last Wednesday we spent time praying for specific individuals in our families, neighborhoods, places of work, and “3rd places”. We also spent time writing our stories about a time in our lives when Jesus brought healing to our lives amidst wounds or trauma. We thought through and discussed how “our wounds are the grounds of our witness” – thinking about how our wounds have shown the great power of Jesus.

Please look through what we discussed as well as some of those we were able to pray for!

Week 3 Spring Training Recap

Last wednesday we confessed and prayed according to James 5:16 and we met as ministry teams.

John Wesley Confession Guide

Week 1 Spring Training Recap

This week we discussed 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 to establish the following:

Our motivation as the love of Christ, our identity as ambassadors, and our call to create reconciling communities.

You can see the Powerpoint we worked through below:

Spring Training Jan 09 2019

This is a summary of some of our ideas and a first pass at a process for how we might begin reconciling communities.

Reconciling Communities Ideas and Process