During the next fifteen years, the congregation continued to grow and the members began to move further away from the city to the suburbs.

Once again, the church began to look for possible locations for a new church site. Through a miracle of God, a parcel of land in a new, growing town called Orland Park was donated as a gift to the church by Christian friends of the church. Construction began in 1974. Calvary Reformed Church of Orland Park had its first service in February of 1976 on 151st Street and 80th Avenue. In 1995, we shortened our name to Calvary Church. In June of 2011, we moved to our current location on 161st Street and 104th Avenue in response to parking and growth issues.

From the beginning to the present, seventeen senior pastors have served Calvary Church.

We have also been blessed by the specialized ministry of numerous associate pastors. We enjoy the blessing of a strong base of musical talent and a healthy commitment to service by the congregation. We are able to testify to God’s faithfulness through over a century of change, challenge and growth. We are able to embrace the future with expectancy and confidence in what He is able to accomplish through this body of believers. To God be the glory, great things he has done!

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